Creative Arts Show


Sunrise/Sunset - "The Heavens display His Glory!"

With lent coming up we are focusing on the significance of the Sunrise and the Sunset.  And the Lord has been creating some amazing ones lately! Submit your 8 x10 photograph to Jeanette Johns or Val Thorpe by Feb. 19.  Photos will be displayed in the Gallery room in the Cornerstone Building.


Everyone in the congregation is invited to enter photos on the theme of "The Heavens display His Glory!". You don't need a fancy camera- anyone with a cell phone can participate. The picture resolution should be high enough to make an 8X10 enlargement of the photo for the show.

With each photo there will be an artist's statement:

  • Title
  • Where was this photo taken?
  • What does your photo say about Sunrise/Sunset - "The Heavens display His Glory!"? What does it mean to you?

You can turn in your entries to Jeanette Johns or Val Thorpe.