Men’s Ministry

Vision: With Christ as head, every man is leading where they are and are accomplishing the greater mission of the church

  • With Christ as head sets a critical authority and context of holy living
  • Every man means that no man connected to our church is left out of our scope
  • Leading means each man is a leader, and true leaders have model character and they know where they want to go, at minimum in their own life, but also of are leaders of their wife, children, in the workplace, and of course in the church, the body of Christ. And leaders must be healthy (not living in sin) and they must take responsibility.
  • Where they are means that God has given you your context, put you in a place (your 'garden') where you are to lead; it's not something 'out there' but rather it is where you are right now
  • Accomplishing the greater mission of the church puts men and this ministry in context of the wider church body

Therefore, we have a mission: What will we need to do to attain our vision?

Mission: By God's grace, and through the power of His Gospel and His Word, we will connect men to the body of Christ and get them healthy, strong/equipped and giving to a growing body.

  • By God's grace, and through the power of His Gospel and Word is our foundation; it makes explicit our implicit foundation.
  • Connect men to the body of Christ means we draw men in and develop relationships
  • Get them healthy means that we realize that men who are struggling with sin need help; we come alongside them and help them reject sin and heal
  • Strong/equipped is the character-building and skills development part of being a leader 'where we are'; it will prepare us to draw other people into the body (growth)
  • Giving grace (gifts) has been given to each one of us to build up the body (Ephesians 4:11-12)
  • Growing body is from Ephesians 4:16 that says, "when each part is working properly (is connected, healthy, strong and giving), makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love"

A thought on how we talk about this ministry: I believe that saying we have a 'ministry to men' is better than saying we have a Men's Ministry. A 'Men's Ministry' sounds like it is a program that we can either be a part of or not. A ministry to men is something that we all must do. We men, if we are leaders, are to minister to other men.

Core values:

Intentionality - seeing a need and make a move to meet it (hand-picking talent)

Equipping for service

Regularly evaluating effectiveness