Worship Ministry

Philosophy of Ministry

Our philosophy of ministry is that worship is a 24/7 experience for the believer in Jesus Christ.  We encourage our members and friends to:

  1. live each day to the glory of God as an expression of their devotion to Him
  2. include a daily time alone with God in fellowship, prayer, and the contemplative reading of His word, and
  3. join with their church family in corporate worship each Sunday.

Worship Services at Beach Bible Church

Our worship ministry serves as a resource to individuals and to the other ministries of our church, but our main focus is the Sunday morning corporate worship of our church family.  Each service is carefully planned to encourage and facilitate worship by all in attendance.  The typical elements of music, prayer, Scripture reading, offerings, testimonies, and a sermon are usually coordinated around one central theme.  Music is selected on a variety of criteria.  The most important criterion is that the text or lyrics of the song contribute to the theme and goals of the worship service.  We also purpose to employee the best of both contemporary music and the rich tradition of Christian hymns.  In most services about 80% of the music will be of a more contemporary variety.

Praise Band

The music portion of the worship service typically employs a core of talented and devoted musicians from within our church body.  These currently include piano, bass, drums, rhythm guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, and saxophone.  Our musicians are scheduled in such a way that we are able to utilize all of the willing and competent musicians within our congregation, including our teenagers.  The band rehearses early Sunday morning prior to the service.  New musicians are always welcome.

Praise Singers

As with the praise band, we seek to utilize all of the willing and competent singers within our congregation, again, including our teenagers.  Presently, each three-member team serves approximately once per month.  New singers are always welcome.

Technicians and Support Personnel

Our services require personnel to operate the sound and projection equipment.  We are currently seeking additional individuals to be trained to serve in these two ministries.  Our goal is to utilize a schedule which involves serving in one of these capacities once or twice a month.  We also recruit and schedule from within our congregation men and women to lead in Scripture reading and prayer, to pray for our weekly mission focus and offering, to usher and collect offerings, and to lead and serve Communion (first Sunday of the month).